356 Pantry Labels – UK Based Ingredients – Waterproof Pantry Labels for Jars


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At Fix Space, We Aim To Transform Your Pantry From Chaos To An Organised Haven. Introducing our ultimate pantry labels set – thoughtfully designed for UK households.

Our kitchen labels for jars ensure that every item in your pantry is clearly identified. But we’re not just about functionality – we care about aesthetics too.

Our sleek minimalist design is seen in our aesthetic jar labels and kitchen stickers for jars, adding style to your pantry organisation.

Freshness is key in a kitchen. Our food container labels and labels for food containers come with innovative expiry date labels. these food labels stickers pre-printed ensure that you keep track of the freshness of your pantry ingredients.

We know that the little details matter. that’s why we’ve included matching oil and vinegar labels and jar labels for kitchen storage jars, so all your containers feel included.

From household labels to organisation labels, we’ve got all your needs covered. Our labels for glass jars and storage labels stickers kitchen are waterproof, ensuring they stay clean and crisp all year round.

We stand by our products & listen to our customers feedback by making sure they are fully satisfied with our products. Step into the world of an organised kitchen with FixSpace Pantry Labels today.


  • Exclusively UK-Based Labels: tailored for british kitchens, our pantry labels set includes tea coffee sugar stickers, labels for jars and labels for storage jars. covering everything from pasta, nuts, rice to baking essentials and flour labels, you’ll never misplace an item in your pantry again.
  • Superior Waterproof Quality: Our storage jar labels, are waterproof, ensuring your containers maintain a fresh and clean look throughout the year.
  • Chic Minimalist Design: Featuring aesthetic jar labels, our pre printed labels offer a modern minimalist design that’s easy to read. with these kitchen labels and stickers, you’ll enjoy a stylish, picture-perfect pantry.
  • Efficient Expiry Date Labels: Bid goodbye to guesswork on ingredient freshness. our set includes food labels stickers for jars and food labels stickers pre-printed with expiry dates, enabling efficient pantry management.
  • 100% Satisfaction Guarantee: Plus bonus oil & vinegar labels. we provide a comprehensive solution with food container stickers, container labels, and even matching oil and vinegar labels! with our 100% satisfaction guarantee, we’re sure you’ll love your newly organised pantry.


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