12 Pcs Glass Spice Jars Set With Bamboo Lids & Labels


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Fix Space Bamboo Spice Jar Set Is A Creative Solution To Organise All Your Favourite Go To Spices.

Do your go-to herbs, spices and seasonings look unorganised and hard to find when you need them the most?

Does the variety of bottles, jars and packets of herbs, spices & seasoning in your cupboard, pantry or drawer look a mess?

Are you looking to organise your drawer, pantry or kitchen cupboard?

FixSpace has the perfect solution to help solve your problem.

Our square glass jars are designed to save space and help organise your drawer, pantry or cupboard.

We have designed beautiful 100% pure bamboo lids which are airtight keeping your spices fresh.

We have designed modern UK centric waterproof labels to give your bottles that premium look and also making them easy to find.

Our glass spice jars are designed with a minimalistic look, yet look modern and unique.

The Spice Jar set includes 12 x Glass Jars with Bamboo Lids, 12 x Shaker caps, 1 x Silicone Funnel, 1 x Hose brush and 287 x Waterproof Labels.


(BAMBOO LIDS) – Screw Top Air-tight Lids – 100% Sustainable Airtight Bamboo Lids Makes Your Kitchen Drawer, Pantry & Cupboard Look Modern Organised And Unique. Keeping Your Seasoning, Spices & Herbs Fresh And Sealed. Jars Made From High-quality Lead-free Durable Glass.

(WATERPROOF LABELS) – Self-Adhesive White Labels – For Your Glass Jars, Easy To Clean Keeping Your Jar Looking Fresh All Year Round. Modern Labels Can Be Applied On Any Other Food Containers Bottles Organiser Storage And Spice Racks.

(UK CENTRIC SPICE LABELS) – Pre Printed UK Based Labels – For All UK Based Seasoning, Herbs And Spices, For All Of Your Go-To Spices. All UK Supermarket Spices, Herbs And Seasoning All Pre Printed On Labels For Your Convenience. Making Your Pantry, Drawer Or Cupboard Storage Easy To Navigate.

(287 x LABELS) – 287 x Rectangular Labels – Front Of Shaker Bottle Perfect For Kitchen Cupboard Organisation . Plus 39 Blank Labels Are Included In Case We Missed Anything & 48 Expiry Date Labels.

(100% SATISFACTION GUARANTEED) – 12 X Glass Bottles, 12 X Bamboo Lids, 12 X Shaker Caps, 1 X Collapsible Funnel, 1 X Hose Brush, 287 Waterproof Spice Jar Labels. Perfect For Pantry Organizers And Storage, Kitchen Organiser, Kitchen Cupboard Organiser, Kitchen Drawer Organiser.


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